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Bank account: 39.31.600 in the name of "Netwerk Hongaarse Muziek" at Pieterburen, The Netherlands
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Publishing and saling unique CDs, MCs, WORKBOOKS (sheet music with music cassettes), and Literature (in Dutch language)
CDs and MCs
Remark. Most of these CDs are very well suited for dance lessons and dance houses. They contain longer cycles progressing from slow to fast dances.
The currently available products are listed below. In Europe, they can be ordered from the European Network for Hungarian and Transylvanian Folk music by transfering the right amount (the sum of the prices of the wanted products increased with €2,- mailing costs) to account number 39.31.600 at the Postbank in The Netherlands in the name of "Netwerk Hongaarse Muziek" with mention of the order-codes. IBAN: NL17PSTB0003931600  BIC: PSTBNL21

In the content list below you can click on an underlined track to read more about the recording and to hear music fragments. It should be noted that the sound quality is much worse than on the real CD. This has be done to accelerate downloading time.

The Gypsy orchestra of the village of Ceaua (Szaszcsavas). Fantastic, very fast dance music of Romanians, Gypsies, and Hungarians of Southern Transylvania (Küküllomente). The following CDs are available.

Traditional music from the heart of Transylvania: Mezoseg. Wonderful music, very authentic, magnificently played by the world-renowned Palatca (Magyarpalatka) village orchestra led by Martin Kodoba. Very popular among lovers of Hungarian folk dancing. The following identical CD and MC are available.

Traditional Hungarian folk music from Western Transylvania: Kalotaszeg. Especially famous for the rich harmonizations and the moving laments (hajnalis). Authentic village orchestra led by Sandor Fodor 'Neti' and his son. The following MC and CDs are available.

This village orchestra, led by Elek Horvath 'Gombos', plays the graceful and proud music from Voivodeni (Vajdaszentivany), one of the few villages in Transylvania where still every Sunday a dance house is held. One CD is available:

Village orchestra from SAMBOIENI (Erdoszombattelke) in Transylvania. The following not identical MC and CD are available.

Okros Group
This group from Budapest analyses and playes - often together with original village musicians - Hungarian folk music, sometimes from old field recordings. The carefully reconstructed music and the collaboration with top musicians in the field stand surety for beautifull CDs. The following CDs are available.

Duvo Group
The Duvo Group consists of four members who present Hungarian folk music in the traditional style, using a variety of special folk music instruments: Besides the violin and the double bass, their instruments include kontra, cimbalom, bagpipe, shepherd's pipe, and hurdy gurdy. The following CDs are available.

UJ PATRIA series
This CD-series will consist of 45 CDs of authentic village orchestras from Transylvania. See Uj Patria and the "Utolso ora" (Last hour) project. Currently the following CDs are available: